What Causes A Loose Vagina? The Top 4 Little Known Reasons For A Loose Vagina

causes of a loose vaginaAre you struggling with a loose vagina that’s leading to problems in your sex life?

Maybe you’re not able to get that same amount of pleasure you used to from sex…

Or maybe you’re just self-conscious about the looseness of your vagina and how it feels for your partner…

Having a loose vagina is as common problem that most women around the world face at some point in their lives…

And they commonly find it awkward or embarrassing to discuss such topics with anyone.

But don’t worry… there are many ways to deal with a loose vagina and stop it from robbing you of your confidence, your self-esteem and an enjoyable sex life.

You might have heard of many myths related to the causes of a loose vagina, so it’s important to know the real causes behind this common issue…

Top 4 Little Known Reasons For Having A Loose Vagina

In women, the vaginal walls can lose their firmness and elasticity for a number of reasons.

This loss of elasticity often makes it difficult for them to experience sexual arousal and pleasure during sex.

This can lead to relationship problems due to reduced intimacy and pleasure for both the man and woman, and can often result in conflict or even separation in extreme cases.

If you’ve noticed that your vagina is looser now than what it was in the past, it’s worth spending a few moments to read on and discover the causes of a loose vagina and the best ways to tighten up your vagina again.

Causes of a Loose Vagina #1 – Pregnancy and childbirth

Tloose vagina after childbirthhere is no doubt that childbirth is one of the most important events in every woman’s life.

However, there is considerable impact on the vagina in the form of physical pain and stress for every woman opting for a natural birth during labor.

At the time of pregnancy and childbirth, the vagina expands fully to accommodate the baby and assist in delivery.

The pelvic muscles are strained at the time of childbirth during a natural labor… and the more children you give birth to, the higher your chances are of having a loose vagina after childbirth.

The vaginal walls tend to be elastic in nature, but after childbirth they may not revert back to their original firmness and tightness.

However, it’s wrong to assume that every woman will end up with a loose vagina after childbirth, as sometimes the vaginal walls heal perfectly and regain their former shape.

But with childbirth, the likelihood of stretching the vaginal walls increases, especially when giving birth to multiple children over a smaller window of time.

Causes of a Loose Vagina #2 – Aging

Aging is a natural process and it’s perfectly normal for a middle-aged women to experience a looser vagina.

The muscles which are responsible for keeping your vagina tight tend to become less efficient as your body starts aging.

Hormones also play a major role in the tightness of your vagina as the estrogen production tends to decrease significantly as you age. With less estrogen, the elasticity of the vagina tends to decline.

Menopause can also have a significant influence on your body which can lead to this hormone imbalance.

Hence, it’s important to ensure that you are aware of your hormone levels and keep them balanced with a healthy diet, adequate sleep and exercise as you age to avoid a loose vagina.  

Causes of a Loose Vagina #3 – Surgeries and Medical Conditions

Another common cause of a vaginal looseness can be pelvic surgeries or hysterectomies that may cause the vaginal muscles to become weak.

Also taking certain drugs for a long period of time can impact your hormonal levels. This can cause the vaginal walls to lose their strength and might lead to you experiencing vaginal looseness.

Sometimes, high levels of stress and intense physical activity may lead to wear and tear causing damage to the vaginal walls.

Causes of a Loose Vagina #4 – Hormonal Imbalance

One of the most little-known causes of vaginal looseness are hormonal imbalances in the body. When a woman’s sexual hormones become imbalanced, it often leads to reduced elasticity, tightness and overall health of the vagina.

The causes of these hormonal imbalances that result in vaginal looseness can vary, however the most common causes are stress, low sleep and lack of a exercise and essential nutrients and vitamins (malnourishment).

It stands to reason that the healthier your body is, the tighter and more responsive your vagina will become!

So if you’ve been neglecting your health of late, this may very well be one of the contributing factors towards having a loose vagina!

How To Tighten A Loose Vagina:

There are many ways to tighten a loose vagina, my recommended solutions being various natural vagina tightening methods, as well a 100% natural vaginal tightening gel.

how to make your vag tighter instantlyPhysical activities such as yoga and pilates are natural methods that have been known to assist in improving the strength of your pelvic floor muscles and tightening the vaginal walls.

Let’s look a closer look at some more of the different options for vaginal tightening:

4 Ways To Make Your Vag Tighter:

#1 – Kegels

do kegels make you tighterKegel exercises consist of contracting and relaxing your pelvic muscles which are proven to help in the tightening of your vagina.

They help in the strengthening of your pelvic floor muscles and can be practiced anywhere, in public or in privacy, without drawing anyone’s attention.

Kegels are one of the most popular techniques preferred by most women for vagina tightening – and are highly recommended by doctors for women who experience a loose vagina after childbirth and during menopause.

If you have loose vagina, this is a quick and easy method to follow that can give you good results in the long term.

To learn more about Kegels and how to do them, click here to read this article on how to do kegel exercises.

#2 – Pelvic Floor Toners And Stimulators

do kegels make you tighterPelvic floor toners are biofeedback devices used for providing instructions to the user and feedback for improving their exercises.

Using a vaginal probe, you can gauge your performance and find out if you are contracting and relaxing your pelvic muscles in the right manner.

Pelvic floor stimulators also use a small probe with low frequencies and electrical stimulation.

This ensures that the vaginal muscles contract and relax properly. As the electric stimulus reaches the deeper floor muscles, the vagina contracts and starts to return to its original form – resulting in a tighter vagina.

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#3 – Restore Hormonal Balance With Green Smoothies!

To correct hormonal imbalances in the body, it is essential that you provide your body with all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals it requires for daily health.

Green smoothies are an effective and simple way to do this, especially if you use a pre-made green powder so all you have to do is mix with water and drink.

The absolute best green powder on the market today that will quickly and easily give you the all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your body requires for perfect balance is Organifi (it also tastes great, unlike most green powders on the market).

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#4 – Vaginal Tightening Cream

v tight gel reviewsThere are many safe and natural vaginal tightening products that available on the market today.

The best ones are made using 100% natural herbs and extracts – and have been proven to produce rapid results for women looking to tighten a loose vagina.

Some are even known to reduce vaginal dryness and remove problems related to vaginal odors.

The most effective vaginal tightening product available today, that has already helped thousands of women all over the world to tighten their vagina naturally is called V-Tight Gel…

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Final Thoughts On Dealing With A Loose Vagina

There is no reason to feel insecure or embarrassed if you’re currently experiencing vaginal looseness, as there are many solutions to deal with this problem easily and comfortably, and millions of women all over the world have dealt with the same thing!

The key is to accept the issue and start taking action from a place of self-love, and focus on restoring the elasticity of the vaginal walls naturally so that you can enjoy the pleasure of a healthy sex life without doubts or insecurities.


Do you have any interesting tips or information to share about dealing with a loose vagina?

If so, post them in the comment box below!


Be Healthy, He Happy! 

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